China Daily 03-January 2017 | China called invulnerable to trade war

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China called invulnerable to trade war 

Country has prepared in recent years amid economic reform and building of stability, officials say


One of the worst trade frictions, he said, could occur between China and the United States, since president-elect Donald Trump has said he will impose punitive tariffs on imports from China.


Zhang Yansheng, chief economist of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, a think tank close to the government, said that the expected rise in the US inflation level this year would weaken US exports and stimulate imports, resulting in a growing trade deficit and an eagerness by Washington to make China a scapegoat.

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No donor found for next face transplant

The surgeon who performed China’s first face transplant in 2006 said he has been waiting years to help a second patient but cannot find a donor.

China Daily story surgeon who planned face transplant Guo Shuzong
Guo Shuzhong

“The surgery remains at the research stage, although knowledge and techniques have largely improved,” Guo said. “But I have a female patient now who has been waiting years for the surgery as there is no suitable donor.”

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Shipbuilder joins twin tower project

“Building this project shows that Cambodia is eager to attract global companies and tourists through better-developed infrastructure facilities,” said Zhang Xiaojing, director of the Institute of Economic Research for China and ASEAN at the University of International Business and Economic

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China Daily 03-01-17 front page headline stories
China Daily 03-01-17 front page headline stories





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