Paul McCartney Sues for publishing rights

Paul McCartney Sues for publishing rights

Like many musicians –who immerse themselves in their art and entertain their fans—Beatles member Paul McCartney didn’t realize that the real money in their creation was in the Publishing until the late King of Pop Michael Jackson informed him during a conversation they had according to Sky News.

Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson Say Say Say 1983

However Jackson outbid McCartney for the publishing right in 1985 for $47.5 million to obtain the collection as part of a much larger trove of some 4,000 pop music tunes from Australian businessman Robert Holmes a Court.

Sony had agreed to buy out the late Michael Jackson’s 50 percent share in Sony/ATV Music Publishing, holders of the Beatles catalogue for nearly $750 million.

According to his lawsuit, McCartney put Sony/ATV Music Publishing on notice as early as October 2008 that he wished to reclaim rights to the dozens of songs he co-wrote with the late fellow ex-Beatle John Lennon from September 1962 to June 1971. Those songs form the bulk of the Beatles catalog.

The suit is seeking a declaration from the court that McCartney can reclaim his copyright interests in the songs, as well as attorneys’ fees.

Because the earliest of Paul McCartney’s terminations will take effect in 2018, a judicial declaration is necessary and appropriate at this time so that Paul McCartney can rely on quiet, unclouded title to his rights, the suit said.

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