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Lifestyle Bamboo Tumbler 100% Natural Bamboo Thermos

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LifeStyle Bamboo Thermos is a sustainable source of material, made with vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold.

  • Keeps liquids hot for 6 hours and cold for 24 hours.
  • an integrated tea infuser attachment for brewing loose leaf teas.
  • Keeps ice 10X longer than plastic tumblers, designed for maximum ice retention and work just as well for hot beverage.
  • Safe bottle and healthy for the environment.
  • This LifeStyle Bamboo Bottle is a fashionable and trendy product for daily use.

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Product Description

  • A QUALITY PRODUCT THAT WON’T LEAK: Durable LifeStyle Bamboo Thermos is made with vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention to keep your drinks Hot or Cold all day long! Designed to keep liquids hot and cold helping to preserve flavor and freshness. Odor Free and perfectly suited to use with all your favorite beverages. Leak and sweat free.
  • ECO INTELLIGENT: Bamboo is a sustainable source of material. After its been harvested, the bamboo continues to grow. In addition the soil where the bamboo grow continues to remain safe and healthy. Bamboo can be harvested every year without any negative effects on the Planet. Bamboo Bottles are Sleek, Safe, and Durable. Perfect for your active Lifestyle, great for all seasons.
  • A FASHION AND LIFESTYLE PRODUCT: Ideal for students, workers, travelers, and any with a busy lifestyle. You don’t know how much you will love it until you try it!! The LifeStyle Bamboo Thermos fits easily into your car beverage holder, purse or travel bag.
  • LIFE GUARANTEE: We believe that LifeStyle Bamboo Bottle Thermos is a natural, elegant and quality Thermos made with the best materials. But if for any reason you are not satisfied, no questions asked, you can return your bottle at any time. For that, please contact us via email.
  • EASY TO USE: Place tea, coffee, fruits etc. into the capsule. Screw the cap back on and pour enough hot/cold liquid slowly over it to fill the container. Let the contents steep/infuse before removing the sieve by its handle. Use it as a Water Bottle, a Fruit Infuser, a Tea or a Coffee Thermos. EASY TO WASH: Do not wash in the dishwasher. Hand wash with soap and water to preserve your bottle for life. If necessary, after a long day soak in soapy water, wash and let dry to avoid unwanted odors.