Shazam Music Trending In N. America 20-Jan-2017

Ed Sheeran Shape of you





#1 Shape of you 

Ed Sheeran (Edward Christopher) is an English singer, songwriter and occasional rapper and actor.


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Shazam is an app for Macs, PCs and smartphones. Shazam uses a smartphone or computer ‘s built-in microphone to gather a sample of audio being played especially useful if you’re like me and can never remember a title of a song when you need it.

Fun facts about Shazam

  • As of 09/29/16 Shazam has had a little over a billion downloads
  • The number of monthly active Shazam users –120million as of 9/30/16
  • There are 1,800 and counting verified artists on Shazam
  • 3 billion cumulative followers

Keeping that in mind, trends on Shazam are a solid reflection of what hot in each region. This even just about who’s download or buying records, but about users actively seeking out, listening and downloading music making the trends a little more interesting than the usual commercial charts.