USA Today 05-01-2017 front page headline stories

USA TODAY 01.05.17 front page headline stories

Clash brings a reversal on Congress’ first day

House GOP drops bid to gut ethics office after outcry

“Groups will fight very hard in the next round to prevent the OCE from being neutralized,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, one of the independent groups that sounded alarms about House Republicans’ actions.

The House first created OCE in 2008 to address criticism that lawmakers on the House Ethics Committee had done little to address congressional wrongdoing after a series of high-profile corruption cases landed three House members to prison. But lawmakers in both parties often criticize the independent watchdog, which investigates complaints against House members and their aides and has publicly released the results of their probes, even over the objection of the Ethics Committee.

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Auto industry ponders rod ahead

Collision with Trump could alter the landscape

On one hand, there’s a gaping divide between U.S. automakers and Trump on trade. Trump wants to renegotiate or trash the industry’s treasured North American Free Trade Agreement, which he blames for weakening American manufacturing. He has also threatened to impose a 35% tariff on American companies’ products made overseas and sold in the U.S.

In other ways, however, the auto industry is welcoming change, even after eight years of a White House that rescued GM and Chrysler from the clutches of liquidation. “Automakers are facing a situation where they have to consider the political consequences” of all of their decisions, analyst Michelle Krebs said.

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Fox News rating superstar Megyn Kelly bolts for NBC

Departure is latest blow to cable giant

As part of a broad, multi-year deal, Kelly will also anchor a new Sunday evening news magazine show and contribute to NBC’s breaking news, political and special events coverage. Kelly, who was reportedly paid $15 million a year by Fox in the last year of her deal set to expire in July, was seeking $20 million for her next contract, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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USA-Today 05-01-17 front page headline stories
USA-Today 05-01-17 front page headline stories

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