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Beyond the Page

My Quest for Unconventional Publishing Horizons

Hello, and heartfelt thanks for dropping by.

Embarking on an Unconventional Journey

In the kaleidoscope of recent years, I’ve embarked on an extraordinary mission. My aim? To discover unique publishing avenues that transcend conventional bounds. This pursuit has turned into a thrilling odyssey, exploring the depths of communication against a backdrop of surreal global events.

Inspiration from Dystopian Echoes

Events seem to leap straight out of dystopian masterpieces like 1984 and The Matrix. This reality renders our world eerily akin to fiction. Years ago, I pledged to tread the noble path of writing. Despite a reservoir of ideas, challenges like writer’s block loomed large. Yet, the most formidable adversary proved to be time itself.

A Twist in the Tale

An unexpected twist veered my journey off course. Imagine penning a narrative, only to watch its shadows come to life in reality. This conundrum befell me on several occasions. I recall the year 2010 when I set out to craft a thriller centered around human trafficking. A Fox News segment introduced me to an author who explored a similar theme. His narrative, grounded in grim reality, sent chills down my spine.

Drawing Inspiration from Reality

My inspiration sprang from a haunting article out of Zambia. It detailed a macabre chase after a man discovered with a child’s heart in a Styrofoam cooler. Yet, my relocation to America peeled back a new layer of reality, far from the fabled “American dream.”

Confronting the American Nightmare

Here, I encountered the other side of America—a shadowed nightmare, often glossed over. My bubble of perceived prosperity burst in East St. Louis, revealing a reality marred by poverty and neglect.

A New Venture

Despite these revelations, I held onto the belief in America’s boundless opportunities. Discussions with a Zambian entrepreneur reignited my entrepreneurial spirit. This led me to the trucking industry, ditching the corporate garb for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Insights from the Road

This journey deepened my insight into the nation’s divisive undercurrents. A radio discussion on healthcare disparities in Chicago laid bare the systemic issues plaguing the country. It inspired a new story angle—a child from Zambia ensnared in the dark web of organ trafficking.

Moving Forward

Fueled by experiences and undying inspiration, I resolved to forge ahead with my writing. This blog stands as a beacon on that journey, offering a portal to the myriad topics I yearn to share. Dive deeper into my world here.

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