The Truth Men Wish You Knew

How to Avoid the Worst Dating Advice Ever

The Truth Men Wish You Knew

Women often give each other questionable advice regarding men. I won’t dive deep into the psychology, but let’s just say the advice could often be mistaken for a Monty Python sketch.

Why Some Dating Advice Fails

Despite its humorous aspects, it’s concerning that many women take this absurd advice seriously, often ending up on the losing side. I anticipate some pushback here, especially the question: “Why can men give dating advice, but when women do it, it’s scrutinized?” It’s not that straightforward, as male dating gurus can be equally cringe-worthy.

Gender Differences in Receiving Advice

Men and women process dating advice differently. Women are typically more analytical, devouring dating advice from magazines, rom-coms, and blogs, which are primarily targeted at them. Men, however, have traditionally been more laid-back about romance, although this has started to change as more men openly discuss their relationship challenges.

The Impact of Media and Echo Chambers

Men often find themselves blindsided by new expectations set by women’s echo chambers—like media and fashion trends—which can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. For women, following such advice often means taking another fruitless turn on the relationship merry-go-round.

Debunking Popular Dating Myths

A video recently made rounds suggesting women avoid being the “golden retriever” — the proactive, helpful woman — and instead be the “black cat” — the aloof, seemingly unavailable woman. Here’s a breakdown of why this advice might not lead to the results women really want.


Golden Retrievers vs. Black Cats in Dating

The “golden retriever” woman, who shows care and effort, actually earns significant respect from men. If a man isn’t pursuing you aggressively, it might not be due to a lack of interest, but rather an acknowledgment of your value. On the other hand, the “black cat” woman might receive more immediate attention, but it’s rarely the kind that leads to lasting commitment. After that is initiating a game where there is a winner and a loser. This as is playing to the ego and doesn’t bring much value.

Ultimately a man is looking for a collaborator not a competitor

From a Man’s Perspective

If you want genuine advice on men, consider asking a man. Understand that many men value loyalty highly, a trait they often see in their mothers and seek in partners.

The Value of Being ‘Plain Jane’

Contrary to popular belief, the most valued women are often the nurturing, “plain Jane” types. They might not attract drama, but they command respect from all, including the most unlikely admirers. If you’re after something casual, feel free to disregard this advice and take hers, but don’t expect a long-term outcome.

This guide isn’t just about giving dating advice—it’s about understanding the dynamics of attraction and respect. For lasting relationships, the qualities we often overlook are the ones that matter most.

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